Music for Streaming

My entire catalog (the zircon vault) is free from content ID and available for usage on your or YouTube channel.

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Video Game Scoring

Music for video games from indie to AAA. Credits include Soulcalibur V, Dungeonmans, Street Fighter II HD Remix.

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Albums and Remixes

Over a dozen original albums and soundtracks, plus 40+ remixes from some of my favorite video games!

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Articles & Tutorials

I've written and recorded lots of educational material for other composers, musicians, and sound designers.

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zircon on

Tune in Mondays 1PM EST and Saturdays 4PM EST to zirconmusic on Twitch for live music production - all broadcasts are archived on my YouTube channel.

zircon on YouTube

My YouTube channel features hundreds of videos, from tutorials, screencasts and walkthroughs to EDM singles, game remixes and much more. Visit and subscribe!

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