Dungeonmans Kickstarter and Livestreams

For 6+ months I’ve been working on a retro orchestral score for an upcoming PC RPG called Dungeonmans, inspired by the music to games like Final Fantasy Tactics, Suikoden II, and other 90s classics. You can check out the Dungeonmans Kickstarter and play it today! To demonstrate my musical process, I recorded two livestreams where I composed a full track for the game from scratch. Total time is a little over 3 hours but it should give some inspiration for those of you interested in writing game music yourself.

  1. JakeTheSnake

    1 year ago

    Oh, man, Andrew, your Music for this certain Game is outstanding!! I’m very happy to talk with you, kind hearted sir! I can clearly see…or more like HEAR…that you are inspired by Hitoshi Sakimoto, am I right, sir? ;) When do we see an actual release of the OST for Dungeonmans? I really love the sound you’ve created for this Game! You should definitely do more Orchestral related Music, it’s just great to listen to, Andrew!!!! xD