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My music is available legally through lots of channels - physical, digital, and streaming.

zircon at OverClocked Records

I co-founded this digital label, home to an entire roster of talented artists and composers. Buy through OC Records and support OverClocked ReMix too.

zircon on Bandcamp

Another great way to buy my music digitally. This is the place to go if you want to download all my video game remixes in one fell swoop.

zircon at OverClocked ReMix

OC ReMix is where I got my start as a producer and composer. It's home to a warm and friendly community, and hosts over 3,000 fan-created arrangements of video game music. You'll find everything from classics like Mega Man, Final Fantasy, and Zelda, to modern titles like Dark Souls and Pokemon X, plus everything in between.

Everything on OC ReMix is available for free. Hundreds of hours of music and 50+ full-length remix albums all available via download & legal torrent. Don't forget to check out Final Fantasy VI: Balance and Ruin and Final Fantasy VII: Voices of the Lifestream, two remix projects I directed!

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