Identity Sequence Released

Identity Sequence, my 10th album, is available now worldwide! This electronic dance music concept album has taken me five years, and I think it’s my best work yet. Check it out on the Discography page for links to listen more and purchase through Bandcamp, CD Baby, iTunes, or even this very website.

  1. Ledgem

    591 days ago

    I just received an email from iTunes notifying me of recent activity related to you, and it was the release of this album. Congratulations! I have an enjoy many of your previous albums, but this album seems like a new level up. The tracks with vocals are particularly impressive. Excellent work! I’ll enjoy this for a good, long while, and am already excited about the prospect of what your next album will sound like (when ever it may come).

  2. TJ

    587 days ago

    Been listening to this for a week now and I still feel frisson. It is truly your magnum opus.

  3. Michael

    569 days ago

    I just found out about your new album. I’m so excited about it! I had no idea you were working on a new album like this but I am stoked. Woo Hoo, I can’t wait to hear it!

  4. Karan

    568 days ago

    Really Great Album …..

  5. Gregonator

    417 days ago

    By far this album was worth the five years of time and effort – standout tracks for me personally are Neurobazaar and Colossus.. :) The rest of the album has awesome depth musically and Jillian A’s vocals top it off kudos to you Dude! :)