New single: Augment

I’ve just released a new single, “Augment”, combining complextro, electro/fidget house, dubstep and breaks. It’s quite a beast, inspired by artists like Madeon and BT with deep chords, atmosphere, and a really catchy hook. Check it out on SoundCloud, Bandcamp, and YouTube below!

  1. Dylan Havard

    2 years ago

    Nice ^_^

    Keep up the great music!

    My only criticism is that one of the melody lines sounds a bit “brassy” at the start. After the transition around the one minute mark though, that same line kind of needs that to stand with the increased bass, so I can see why it is like that…

    But then, I have no music talent what-so-ever so what do I know :P

  2. Devin

    2 years ago

    Love it!!!!! <3 <3