Video Game Scoring

From orchestral to electronic, iOS to PS4 - I create awesome music for games.

I create driving, emotional, and atmospheric music in a wide range of styles from epic orchestra to retro chiptunes. Have a listen to highlights from my favorite works below.

Custom Music Composition

I can write original music in any style for your game project. I can also help with other aspects of audio design, including sound design, voice over, sub-contracting, recording, and engineering. Click here for my rate card, and contact me with details about your project when you're ready to get started.

Music Licensing

My catalog has hundreds of tracks available for non-exclusive licensing. This is a great solution for projects with limited budget. I recommend that you browse the zircon vault first, then contact me with project details and what tracks you'd like to have in your game.

Selected Credits

Game Role Platform
ReCore (Upcoming) Additional Writing Xbox One
Demon Truck Lead Composer PC & Mobile
Tap My Katamari Lead Composer Mobile
Crypt of the Necrodancer Mixing / Mastering PC, PS4, Vita
Servo Lead Composer PC (Steam)
Pokemon Symphonic Evolutions Hybrid Production Symphonic Performance
Video Games Live Arranger Symphonic Performance
BT - Electronic Opus Arranger Symphonic Performance
Gheldia (Upcoming) Lead Composer PC (Steam)
Dungeonmans Lead Composer, Sound Designer PC (Steam)
Fearless Fantasy Licensed Music PC (Steam)
Globulous Composer, Sound Designer iOS, Android
Soulcalibur V Composer PS3, 360
Pump It Up Infinity Licensed Music Arcade
Phineas & Ferb: AT2D Lead Composer PS3, Wii
Pump It Up Fiesta EX Licensed Music Arcade
Monkey Island 2 SE Producer, Arranger, Orchestrator PS3, 360, PC, iOS
Return All Robots! Lead Composer, Sound Designer XBLIG
The Wheelman Licensed Music PS3, 360
Super Street Fighter IITHDR Arranger PS3, 360
Pump It Up Pro 2 Licensed Music Arcade

Awards & Honors

Award Organization Result Year
Outstanding Contribution - Independent Composer Game Music Online Runner-Up 2014
Best Remix or Arrangement (Destiny) Game Audio Network Guild Nominated 2014
Best Audio, Casual/Indie/Social (Globulous) Game Audio Network Guild Nominated 2013
Best Album - Original (Identity Sequence) Game Music Online Nominated 2013
Best Dance/Electronic Song (The End) Independent Music Awards Won 2012
Best Score - Orchestral/Cinematic (Soulcalibur V) Game Music Online Nominated 2012
GDC Composers Challenge Game Audio Network Guild Won 2011
Best Handheld Audio (Monkey Island 2 SE) Game Audio Network Guild Won 2010
Best Techno Song (Depth Charge) JPF Music Awards Won 2009
Best Techno Album (Impulse Prime) JPF Music Awards Won 2006
Best Techno Song (I Know Why) JPF Music Awards Won 2006