Music for Streaming & YouTube

Use my original music and remixes on your channel, in YouTube videos, or podcasts. No content ID.

Awesome music keeps viewers entertained and makes an already fun video or stream even better. I've produced over 12 hours of original and remixed music that you can use on YOUR channel. All my music is free from content match/ID. Sound good? Keep reading!

Step 1: Buy or stream my music legally

My music is available through many stores - buying through any of them supports me. You can also stream legally via Spotify.

The best way to get my music is through the zircon vault, a collection of 200+ songs / 10+ hours of music for only $79 in MP3 & FLAC format.

Step 2: Credit and link to me on your channel

Write something clear in your channel, video, or podcast info, like "Music provided by zircon", with a link to my Bandcamp page ( For individual videos on YouTube, please write this in the video description - preferably not at the bottom!

I would also really appreciate on-screen credit, like at the end of a video, 'now playing' text, or a Twitch bot that announces what's playing. You don't have to, but it's a nice way to say 'thanks for the music!'

Step 3: Contact me to verify

Required only for large channels/shows - 10,000 subscribers or more. Once you have everything set up, shoot me an email with a link to your channel or one of your videos. I'll verify that everything looks good.

The zircon vault

There is no better way to legally acquire my entire catalog of music than the zircon vault. This downloadable set of 256kbps MP3s & lossless FLACs spans 200+ songs / 10+ hours of music neatly categorized into genre folders.

(Already own 2 or more of my albums? Enter code "zirvault" at checkout for a $30 discount!)


What can I do with your music?

You can freely and legally use the music on YouTube videos, live streams (for example, podcasts, and non-commercial student projects. All I ask in return is proper credit and a link. For commercial projects, please contact me.

How else can I credit you?

Though a link to my Bandcamp page is best, if you have more space I would love if you also linked to:

Do I have to pay any royalties?

No, as long as you're crediting me properly and using my music only for Twitch, YouTube, podcasts, or non-commercial student projects. For any other projects or uses, we can arrange a simple licensing agreement suited to your needs.

Can I edit the music?

You can do basic edits, fades or cuts, but if you want to create covers, arrangements, or remixes, please contact me first.

Are there any other restrictions?

I reserve the right to revoke this license for any specific usage if I feel the usage (e.g. your YouTube channel or stream) is not something I want to be associated with. However, this has only happened once in my 10+ years of making music, so don't worry too much!

Does the vault get updated?

Yes. So far, I've done one free update with 20+ tracks. I may ask a small fee for the next update of 20+ tracks.